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Stephanie Sersli, Ph.D.

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Postdoctoral researcher

CRCHUS fellowship holder

Stephanie's research applies place-based lenses to health and “lifestyle” behaviours, specifically, understanding the role of social and neighbourhood environments shaping alcohol use among emerging adults (her current postdoc topic) or shaping active transport uptake among new and returning cyclists (her PhD topic). She is a mixed methods researcher with long standing interests in social justice, feminism, and theories of space and power. Guilty pleasure: animal friendship tiktok.

Position to be filled - Coordinator of the CentrÉS study


Jeremy Hugonnier

Coordinator - Canada Research Chair in Urban Environment and Youth Health Equity

Holder of a master's degree in political science from the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQÀM), Jérémy is very interested in political thought, urban issues and municipal politics. His thesis focused on the citizen opposition movement to the third link project in the Saint-Roch district of Quebec. With various work experiences with cities and public institutions, particularly in sustainable and autonomous mobility as well as in public participation, Jérémy contributes to the daily activities of the Chair (administration, communication, organization, research, technical support).


Kossi Ekouagou, M.Sc.

Data Manager and Analyst

Kossi holds a Masters in Applied Mathematics-Statistics-Population Analysis from the University of Aix-Marseille and has experience as a junior statistician and data analyst at UMR1252-SESSTIM-INSERM-IRD-AMU in France. His interests include statistical analysis in the presence of measurement errors, estimation by deconvolution and dependency modeling.

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Aristide Tchangou Wépandjoué

Doctoral student, Health Sciences Research

IUPLSSS doctoral training award holder

Aristide is a doctoral student in the health sciences research program (community health option) at the Université de Sherbrooke. He holds a Master 2 in geography from the Université de Douala, Cameroon, and is interested in urban planning and associated socio-health risks, mixed methods research on socio-spatial inequalities in green space access and in identifying environmental influences on young people's well-being.

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Eliana Aube

Doctoral student, Health Sciences Research

Eliana holds a Master’s degree in mathematics with a specialization in applied statistics from the Université de Sherbrooke. Her thesis on blood donation by men who have sex with men had both epidemiological and social dimensions, which led her to the field of health research. She is interested in using mathematics to better understand and analyze social and environmental phenomena linked to population health, with the goal of contributing to the creation of health and equitable settings. 

Former members

Alex Paquette Guay, doctoral candidate in practical philosophy, coordinator of the CentrÉS study, 2020 – 2022.

Guillaume Deslauriers, MD student, 2021 summer intern

Jérémy Bouthot, social work student, research assistant 2020 - 2021.

Marie-Audrey Peel, MD student, 2020 summer intern.Alex Paquette Guay, doctoral candidate in practical philosophy, coordinator of the CentrÉS study, 2020 – 2022.

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