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Our vision: Healthy, equitable and sustainable cities inclusive of all

Our mission: To conduct rigorous and innovative research to produce knowledge to promote social and health equity among young people so that they can become engaged and resilient citizens, thus supporting the social, environmental and economic sustainability of cities and communities.

Our approaches and themes of interest:
The chair's work lies at the intersection of health promotion, social epidemiology and geography. Combining quantitative methods and qualitative approaches, we aim to generate conceptual, methodological, empirical and intervention-related knowledge concerning two distinct but synergistic fields: the creation of healthy, equitable and sustainable cities and settings, and the health of young people, especially those who are marginalized because of, for example, their socio-economic status, gender, ethno-cultural background, immigrant status. etc.

Adolescent and young adult health

Daily life settings

and urban environment

Program and intervention


The Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences shares Pre. Shareck's profile

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Good news!

2022.10.26. The team had the pleasure to present preliminary results from CentrÉS go-along interviews at the International Conference on Urban Health.

2022.06.17. We have a new research coordinator and our three interns from Bishop University have arrived!

2022.02.02. We have been awarded  504 900$ for 4 years by CIHR to continue the CentrÉS study. Congratulations to the team!
2021.12.07. Congrats to Aristide for obtaining a 10 000$ training award from the Institut Universitaire de Première Ligne en Santé et Services Sociaux to support his doctoral thesis on greenspace and health! More info here.

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